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I wanted to let you know how much Paul and I enjoyed our day fishing with you on March 16, 2013.  Not just because we caught some GIANT largemouth but we also appreciated your enthusiasm, excitement and knowledge of bass fishing.  Paul and I have fished with a lot of guides on many different bodies of water over the years and you are right at the top of the list.   I’m glad we found you as our day with you made the trip very special. 

We enjoyed it so much that we have decided to come down next year, late March, early April and spend four days fishing with you.  We will fish two days, take a day break and fish two more days.  Should give us a chance to maybe fish a couple of lakes if the fish are on.   I will get in touch with you to find out which days in late March, early April will be the best days, moon cycle wise, to book.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures to this email of fish we caught with you.  Great fish, great time, great guide!

Thanks Dick

Rod Smith, Paul Dix
Milwaukee, Wiconsin

We had a GREAT TIME. Thought we would send you some pictures. Had to send you the one of the first catch of the day. That was the BEST FISHING trip we have ever been on. We will be back.

We want to bring our husbands on the next trip. If your wife does the chartering too, then we would like to do the women against the men. Your wife would have to go out with the guys because we want to keep you. You are the best guide ever.  YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!! We will be calling you soon to set up for a trip.

Thank You for the best time ever. It was a great day.


If you would like more testimonials directly from some of our customers, please contact us for additional information.

Randy Foister 13 lb bass


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Recently my wife, our 14-month old son, and I went to Florida for our annual fishing vacation with our very good friends (as well as guides) Dick and Joyce Loupe.  We fished some smaller lakes, streams and canals surrounding Lake Kissimmee located in central Florida.  

The scenery was quite spectacular, with cows grazing on the shoreline, bald eagles flying overhead and alligators sunning themselves.  We fished with big wild shiners ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 pounds, a real necessity for catching those big Florida bass.  

We caught dozens of bass ranging from 3 to 7 pounds, and this hog that weighed 12 pounds, 5 ounces.

 Bill Glatz

Trevose, Pennsylvania
(actual copy of the letter sent to Bassin' Magazine)



Hi Captain Dick,
It's Captain Matt here!  Sorry I didn't email you sooner, it's been a whirlwind since I got back.  I just wanted to thank you again for a great fishing trip and a super fun time.  We really enjoyed spending the morning on board with you and Dominique and Bailey couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had.  They told my wife how cool and funny you were and had a blast.
I've attached a few pictures.  We will definitely see you again and I'll give you a call when we're up your way and ready to slay 'em!
Great fishing!!!
All the best,


Once again we had a great time fishing with you.  You promised to put us on top of big fish and you delivered on your promise.  We will be booking with you again for four days in 2015.  I’ll send you an email after the new year holiday to get our plans started.  We enjoyed meeting Joyce too!

Attached are pictures of Paul’s 8 lb and my 9 lb bass.   

We are already looking forward to 2015!

Thanks for everything you did to make our trip great.  We do appreciate your efforts.

Rod Smith
New Berlin, Wisconsin

My brother and I took a group of 4 kids (ages 8-10), including two boys and two girls, fishing with Dick.  God bless him.  He kept those kids busy and engaged.  We caught around 40 bass, with several over 5 pounds.   Dick even took the opportunity to share fishing techniques with the kids, and his fishing stories are great.
We had a group of 9 families staying at River Ranch, and boy were they jealous when we brought back fish and pictures.  Next time, we will certainly have a larger group for fishing.  And all enjoyed a few bass on the grill for dinner.  Thanks Dick for showing the kids (and me and my brother) a great time.
Steve Tilbrook
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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 Hello Dick,

I just wanted to thank you again for the greatest Bday present ever. You made the trip so memorable I can not thank you enough. Donna & I both enjoyed your trip and your great personality to make it so fun. I'm working on some dates I want to bring my son so he and I and maybe Donna (haha) again before he goes to college.   Once again I can't thank you enough for a great day of fishing and stories and laughs.   Oh when we got back to town the cows were moving and we went fishing and Donna caught 4 bass I caught 0.. thanks for the cow tip.

Thanks you again, 

PS Below is a testimonial I put on Guide Advisor and if you have any other place I will be happy to share our great experience. See you soon.

I want to thank Capt Dick for a great charter this past weekend, caught  12 nice bass. Capt. Dick made the trip so memorable. It was a Birthday present for me and it was the greatest present I could have been given. The reason was Capt. Dick. His knowledge of Bass Fishing alone was worth the trip but mostly his sincere personalty to make sure you catch a fish and have a good time. I always wanted to go on a charter with a professional as a bass fisherman for 50 years and now that bucket list item can be checked off and I'm planning my next trip with my son with Capt. Dick.
Thank you so much for a great day


"I just wanted to thank Capt. Dick Loupe for a wonderful day of fishing on Lake Kissimmee. I have been on a couple other trips with professional guides on other south Florida lakes, but they don't hold a candle to Capt. Dick's knowledge and personality. He's a true professional whose only desire is that his client enjoys his trip to the utmost. A true professional and quite a character to boot!! Thanks for a totally enjoyable trip. On my next trip to Tampa to visit my daughter, I'll definitely be contacting you again. Lionel"

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Anna Hannig, 16, caught the large bass.  Marie Hannig is the brunette, 15 who wants to be a veteranarian.  Leon Hannig is 12 and a typical boy.  All live in Brandis Germany, a small village southeast of Leipzig in East Germany.

They are all the grandchildren of our hearts.  We met them in 1996 when their parents lived behind us in Michigan for four years while their Dad was on a work assignment in the USA.

Fourteen years later, we are still friends and vacation and visit with each other.  This was a special, once in a lifetime trip, their Mom has been treated for breast cancer for the past year, and she has survived.  This was a celebration of life and a visit.  We spent a day at Harry Potter world and a day at Epcot at Disney.  The rest of the time we did " real"  things like fishing, airboat, tubing, nature trail hikes and manatee visits etc.

We agree with Dick that we have to teach our kids to appreciate, use and protect our natural world.

We had a great time fishing, talking and enjoying the boat ride. Thank you so much for doing it on such short notice.


Jeanne and Bob Duley and the Hannig family


Even though the fish didn't want to cooperate, the Southern Outdoorsman took us to three lakes, and we finally hooked up on some good ones!  Our hunt on Brahma was spectacular, too.  We had such a great time, we will be back.

Robert & Paige Nunn of Cleveland, Tennessee

Dear Captain Dick,

Thanks again for the wonderful fishing trip. Your personality with your knowledge of the outdoors will make every fishing trip successful. Hope to see ya soon.

Thanks again for everything,

Randy Foister
Rhoden Electric

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