Live Bait - We use wild and domestic shiners, which are not included in the price because the cost varies between seasons due to the difficulty in catching them.

Artificial Bait - So far, we have an A+ rating for safety ... and we would like to keep it that way.  Therefore, we only allow one angler in the boat with the guide when fishing with artificial baits that have unprotected hooks.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.  Your safety and well-being are foremost on our minds, closely followed by you having a terrific time.

ALL YOU NEED (or might want) TO BRING IS:

  • SUNGLASSES (preferably polarized)
  • CAMERA/SMARTPHONE (we usually bring one, too)
  • A FLORIDA FISHING LICENSE (see "Licenses")
  • A LAYER OF CLOTHING OR A JACKET (in case the day starts out chilly)
  • ANY ADDITIONAL DRINKS AND/OR SNACKS (water is provided free of charge)

A deposit of $100 per boat/per day is required to hold your reservation and may be made by either:

1)   Mailing a check to our address on the Contact page;

2) Sending it to our Paypal account, which is under email; or

3) Giving us a credit/debit card number by phone only (texting or email is not secure)

Deposits are fully refundable up until one week prior to the scheduled trip, within 4-7 days prior to the scheduled trip a 50% is refundable, and no refunds are available if notice is given in less than 4 days prior to the scheduled trip.

The reason for this is 1) trips may have been refused due to already being booked, and 2) bait is purchased in advance and is non-returnable.

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If you would like to keep some fish for cooking,  please bring your own cooler to take your fish home with you in (cleaning is not included). 

We only allow you to keep bass that are around 2 lbs and under.  These are the best size for eating. 

Largemouth bass weighing 10 pounds or more are generally considered trophies, and are always released so they can be allowed to spawn more trophy bass ... it's in the genes! 

But you are welcomed to take plenty of photographs, and, if you want to have a replica made, take complete measurements prior to the release.

Taxidermy service is available for creating a replica of your trophy bass, but we do not promote skin mounts.

To have a replica made, take plenty of pictures and then measure the length and girth of the fish.  Then revive it in the water (guide will show you how) and release it back to give someone else the same thrill you just had.

We do this because it has been proven that big fish will genetically breed big fish. Many people are not aware that most largemouth bass over 5 pounds are females, and they will lay upwards of 250,000 eggs at a time.  Of course, not nearly all will survive, but when we kill a trophy bass, we are destroying the possibility of her passing on her genes to create many more trophy bass.

We refer to Elwood's Taxidermy Service.



  Annual Freshwater Fishing-  $17.50

Freshwater/Saltwater Fishing Combo - $33.00

Resident 64-65 - $14.50/year

Senior Citizen (65+) Hunting and Fishing is Free, must have proof of age and residency (such as FL driver's license or ID card)


Nonresident 3-Day Freshwater Fishing - $17.50
Nonresident 7-Day Freshwater Fishing - $30.50

Nonresident Annual Freshwater Fishing - $47.50